Monday, June 08, 2009

Inspiration #37- Green and gold elegance...

Another request for today... fern green and gold! I like the fiddle head fern boutonnieres, even though they are brown I think they tie in nicely. Candle centerpieces would bring a romantic golden glow to the reception. What do you think?


  1. Very nice. This was the kind of look that I was going for. Difinately wanted to include some kind of ivy/garland. I was thinking brighter orange for the flowers like in my profile, but I do like the softness that the more yellow flowers bring... I may think about changing the arangements. I Love candles but since my wedding is in the day time, it wouldnt get the golden look for me. Thanks a lot. I Really appreciate it.

  2. Hello! Came upon your blog...what a fabulous idea! I have a friend getting married in October and we were debating wedding colors. Wondering if you could make two inspiration boards? One with orange and fuschia and another with pinks (can be softer pinks w/splash of bright pinks or simply soft pinks.) Love the other boards you have come up with!

  3. Hi Viv- I already have an orange and fuchsia board but I can make another one if you are looking for something different?